Rutges Cargo on RTL’s ‘Ondernemend Nederland’

European transport company Rutges Cargo based at Schiphol Airport, will make a television appearance on 11 March 2013 during a broadcast of ‘Ondernemend Nederland’ (‘Holland in Business’), the weekly informative business program of RTL.

‘Ondernemend Nederland’ focuses on the Dutch businessman and is broadcasted on RTL7 and RTLZ. The program emphasizes the latest trends and developments in various branches and serves as a platform for successful businesses.

With each episode outlining a specific theme, the edition in question will be dedicated to the topic Transport and Logistics. Rutges Cargo will be represented by Jimmy Yeh, owner and Director, and Bryan Douglas, Operations Manager. Together, they will explain Rutges’ vision on the status of the local transport sector, service specialization and the relevance of IT and innovation within the supply chain.

Jimmy Yeh: “RTL’s ‘Ondernemend Nederland’ is well known among Dutch entrepreneurs and has a nationwide coverage. This is why our participation to the program is a good opportunity to introduce our company to our future business partners and to emphasize what we already do for our current customers”.
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