Rutges Cargo Europe invests into the future with Mercedes-Benz

European transport specialist Rutges Cargo Europe will expand its vehicle fleet with Mercedes-Benz trucks, type Actros 1842 LS Lowliner Gigaspace, during the month of July. The first four vehicles will be delivered next week and immediately deployed in the transport operations.

The new trucks will be supplied by Mercedes-Benz dealers Biemond & van Wijk in Aalsmeer and Stern Auto in Nieuwegein. Due to its extent, the order has been awarded to multiple dealers.

The comfortable Gigaspace trucks are equipped with intelligent fuel saving technology, for example engines complying with the Euro6 standard and a PSM (Parametric Special Module) system for switching off a stationary running engine after two minutes. A unique feature of these Lowliners is the very low 5th wheel height of 88 cms. Combined with a new type of security and temperature controlled mega trailers (Van Eck) this assembly provides more volume capacity – and results in significantly lower CO2 emissions and transport costs.

The Managing Director of Rutges Cargo Europe: “Innovation and progress are key aspects of our business strategy. Our new partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Biemond & van Wijk and Stern Auto is fully in line with this vision – and with our ambition to achieve more efficiency and improve our ‘Carbon Footprint’.”

“These developments prove that we keep investing into sustainable business practices and an excellent service for our customers – even in times of financial crisis.”
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