Our scheduled European network originates at Schiphol Airport and connects over 100 airports in more than 30 countries.

Our vehicle fleet is both modern and versatile, specifically designed to carry a broad range of products safely and efficiently. We invest in vehicles that are designed to reduce unit costs by maximising capacity utilisation.

A standard feature of all our vehicles is a roller-bed which allows quick and, easy loading / unloading of air cargo pallets and containers. The standard internal width of our vehicles is at least 248 cms and most vehicles have an internal height of 300 cms for Q7 main-deck pallets.

Our double floor trailers allow us to maximise capacity utilisation and can carry 66 Euro-pallets, thereby doubling capacity. All our trucks are equipped with an onboard computer for recording activity and transmitting status updates.

95% of our fleet is fitted with refrigeration units and insulation to control temperatures (range: -20°C to +30°C).

When extra security is required, we are prepared as all our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking, intruder alarms and vehicle immobilisers.

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